lunes, 17 de enero de 2011


Wellcome to We are gaijin gyaru! a blog made from gaijin gyarus for gaijin gyarus!

Much as if you are a beginner as you take a long time following thisfashion, you are welcome!

You can participate with us! send us pictures of your outfits, make up, new about gyaru, about your blog, reviews, tutorials, magazine scans, news about gaijin gyaru, events, about your gyarusa, youtube videos about gaijin gyaru, your experiencie in japan, interviews...There are a lot of PRIZES for best emails! (dolly wink and melliesh stuff, geo angel circle lenses...)

send to

We allow both positive and negative comments about our content,but always without offending anyone, becouse we think that be gyaru means to have style and personality! 

If you think like, this is your blog!

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What is your favourite japanese magazine? (post your answer in a comment)

Next post we speak about japanese magazines if do you want send your opinions, reviews... about japanese magazines:


A random gaijin gyaru interview...
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About japan festivities!


Essential accessories for this season